Case Study

Bloom Medicinals

Bloom Medicinals

Bloom Medicinals mission is to deliver value-based medical marijuana care to patients nationwide. Through a compassionate approach to personalized care, Bloom Medicinals offers a variety of state-approved medical marijuana products resulting in efficacious treatment outcomes and improved quality of life. Based in Boca Raton, Florida, Bloom Medicinals owns and operates multiple medical cannabis businesses throughout the United States. Bloom Medicinals has become one of the most recognizable brands and multi-state cannabis business license holders in the medical marijuana industry and is actively expanding its footprint in both emerging and more mature markets.

The Challenge

Bloom's Marketing Manager showed me 9 different postcards that they have at their dispenceries for clients to learn all about Medicinal Marijuana while they wait for their appointment. He mentioned he will like me to redesigned them to get a more natural and medical look and to match their brand guidelines.
My first reaction: Yes, please! These postcards are intended for clients to get educated, they hold a lot of information and expand of many different subjects. They are not intended to sell a particular product or service, but to give customer peace of mind that they are supported with precise medical information about Cannabis.

Target Audience

Most of Bloom client's are over the age of 35, 60% of those clients, are women. Bloom Medicinals

The Brainstorm

When tackling a redesign project, one of the first things I always do is analyze the current product; in this case: the postcards. I spread the cards all over my desk, one next to the other. I spent all day working on different projects for Bloom and once in a while, I would glance at the postcards and think what worked (Hint: not much!) what didn't and most importantly... WHY?
Putting aside that the design of these postcards looks dated and all over the place, not matching each other and not abiding to brand guidelines, what doesn't work about these cards? Size. Yup! That's it! The size of the cards doesn't work for this type of project. Even if I redesign the card, the size is too small to fit all that information into a 4x6 postcard, the font is waaay too small for an average customer of 55 years old to read that tiny font while waiting in a Dispensery for his or her consultation.
Ok, so let's think outside the box and constrains given and let's resize this postcard. But to what size? I dont want a poster or a flyer, I like the idea of a postcard, just not this tiny thing that is usually used to promote an event or a single product or service. I though, let's double it! Would that work? Let's see... the current postcard is 6x4, so a 6x8 card will give me enough space to create a front side kind of as a cover and a back side merging the information of both sides of the current postcard. Doing a quick google search, 6x9 is a standard size for postcards; that will give me one more inch in height and keeping the same width.

Bloom Medicinals

The Design Process

Ok, now for the fun stuff. I wanted to give these cards a lot of shite space, cleanliness, calm and soothing vibes, I started by using these beautiful high-res photos of green nature elements; we are not using marijuana leaves or buds for now (I'll get back on that later on) trying to keep the front of the card as clean as possible, decided to use the thinnest weight for the title, the overlay effect was added to create separation between the title and the background keeping it infused in the photo as much as possible. some disclaimer mandatory information as my footer with the same treatment as the title and a simple tagline to get customer's attention and get them to grab the postcard and turn it around to read more.
Bloom's logo is really nice, but with a photo so prominent filling the entire frame, I need to give the logo a background if I want to keep the logo in full color, do I want to keep the logo in full color? Of course! I'll have opportunities to do a white logo on a color background later on. This is clean, the intent of the postcard is clear, logo looks nice, I feel calm, free, relaxed to keep reading what this card is all about.

Now for the moment of thruth... showing the client? Nope! Asking for advice? Nope! Opinions? Nopity Nopity Nope! We have to create a series of these postcards, without spending too much time, just duplicating the first cover, changing the title and selecting a different photo; just to make sure this design can adapt to all these different postcards, titles, keeping the theme. This is a key element to make sure you are on to something and to sell your idea to your client afterwards. You start to feel really good once each draft piece is finish, it gives you the sensation that they design controls you, and not the other way around; the piece designs itself, which to me is indicative that this will work beautifully and adapt to a lot of different mediums: print, web, social, you name it, it will work! Also, it looks like a complete piece of work when showing this as it stands now, in progress. That's a little trick if your client can't imagine how te whole thing will look.

Bloom Medicinals

For the back, I included the same elements (except the cover photo) from the front, another footer for some contact info... a really light background to give some depth to the page and voila!
Now its a matter of adding content from the old postcards.